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Nimaj, Rajasthan

Nimaj is remote and extremely beautiful in Rajasthan’s Pali district. Nestled in the Aravalli hills between Jaipur and Jodhpur, the landscapes of Nimaj are made up of grasslands, scrub forests, and wetlands. The heart of the region is Chhatra Sagar, a vast and plentiful reservoir created by Thakur Chhatra Singh in the late nineteenth century. His aim was to harvest the monsoon rains, and the reservoir quickly became the main source of agricultural opportunities for local farmers, and a popular entertainment spot for visiting dignitaries and VIPs. Nowadays, the area is lush and green, and produce is plentiful. The reservoir also attracts hundreds of beautiful bird species and plenty of wildlife. A luxury tented camp was added to the reservoir, and it continues to host visitors to Nimaj today.

Farmers and shepherds occupy the countryside and life is simple and peaceful here. A visit to Nimaj is a great way to get a feel for rural Rajasthani life, and the villagers are usually happy to tell stories. Bird watching in this region is spectacular, with more than 200 species calling the area home.

There are plenty of age-old temples and mosques for poking through in Nimaj and its surroundings. A half-day trip highlight is the temple complex at Ranakpur, and the world’s only Brahma Temple is located in the holy city of Pushkar, just 100 odd kilometres away. To get a feel for authentic rural living, you can visit the tribal settlements of shepherds and snake charmers in the region.

Chhatra Sagar, Nimaj /

Offering exquisite Indian- style glamping on a picturesque reservoir. It’s an all inclusive retreat and highly recommended.

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